Korea and Hong Kong - September 2011 - Page 1

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Long wait was long.
I decided to go for a walk, the full length of the terminal, its huge, I estimated its a kilometre long, and all abandoned.
The central foyer had a few people in the restaurants etc. but once an emirates flight left there seemed to be no one at all at any gate.
After my walk I returned to the lounges and the first class lounge was open....what a dissapointment. Its an identical smaller version of the business lounge, same food, same decor, no restaurant. I guess the only difference is the wine and spirits are of a higher quality but that doesnt mean much to me.
After yet another walk I returned to the business lounge as it has more room to use a laptop.

An amusing thing happened, a guy pulled all these zip lock bags out of his pocket and filled them with the licorice all sorts, cookies, nuts etc. and put them in his bag. I guess he was determined to get as much value out of his lounge visit as possible.

Camera Details: Canon, Canon PowerShot S90
Settings: 1/30 at f/2, ISO 200, 6 mm
Date: 03 September 2011 Time: 19:46:20