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Final destination

27 March 2017

Taiwan-Puli-Taipei-Bullet Train - Final destination

I am back in Taipei, where my journey started. I will be here for another 4 nights. To celebrate my return to a place I have been to many times, I....

Global mormon offensive

26 March 2017

Taiwan-Puli-Food-Vegetarian - Global mormon offensive

There I was minding my own business, going for one last lap of Puli at night, watching the step counter on my watch, when some guys across the roa....

Ritual sacrafice

25 March 2017

Taiwan-Puli-Food-Dumplings - Ritual sacrafice

As promised, this will be a short update because I walked enough today. As promised, there will be a photo of my watch screen, but also my phone s....

Huge number of steps

25 March 2017

Taiwan-Puli-Hiking-Temple - Huge number of steps

Right now I have done 55,800 steps today. Close to a record. I still have to go and find dinner, so I will set a new personal best. Exciting times....

A quick run up a small mountain

24 March 2017

Taiwan-Puli-Hiking-Sunset - A quick run up a small mountain

I think I like Puli. It has mountains, lots of them. They seem to have paths. Some of these paths are actually for cars, but thats ok because the ....

Mountain village metropolis

24 March 2017

Taiwan-Tainan-Puli-Bullet Train-Bus - Mountain village metropolis

Now I am in Puli. Getting here was surprisingly easy. More on that shortly. Yesterday I went to Chiayi, this morning they had a small earthquake.....

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