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Back to the big city

15 November 2019

Japan-Koriyama-Tokyo-Shinkansen - Back to the big city
From Koriyama to Tokyo on the Shinkansen

Now I am back in Tokyo, Korea town on the outskirts of Shinjuku to be precise, it will be my last stop. I still have 6 more nights here, which mea....

The opposite end of the aeon

14 November 2019

Japan-Koriyama-Food-Shopping - The opposite end of the aeon
Shopping at Aeon Town in Koriyama

It was cold tonight, I didnt take many photos, so time for a rant. I dont understand why geishas are romanticized as they are. On the one hand, I....

Turtle hunt

14 November 2019

Japan-Koriyama-Garden-Kaiseizan - Turtle hunt
Wandering around the many gardens of Koriyama

Today is my rest day after yesterdays big hike. The weather seemed very changeable. There was very fast moving cloud, high winds, then a few secon....

Lard noodles

13 November 2019

Japan-Koriyama-Food-Champon - Lard noodles
Eating Champon in Koriyama

Champon, also known as chanpon, is the main thing people eat in Nagasaki. I was not brave enough to eat it when I was in Nagasaki last year. It is....

Hot and very windy

12 November 2019

Japan-Yamagata-Koriyama-Shinkansen - Hot and very windy
From Yamagata to Koriyama on the Shinkansen

Now I am in Koriyama. My last new stop on this trip. After here I will go back to Tokyo. It is about 20 degrees but blowing a gale forced wind. It....

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