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Long train to large Buddha at Nokogiri

21 November 2018

Japan-Chiba-Hiking-Mount Nokogiri - Long train to large Buddha at Nokogiri

My titles are getting a lot less creative. For my last journey on this trip I took a 2 hour (each way) train ride down past Chiba, east of Tokyo t....

Magnificent Lake Okutama

20 November 2018

Japan-Okutama-Lake-Hiking - Magnificent Lake Okutama

Well that all took longer than expected. So long that I didnt even come back to the hotel between todays activity and dinner, more on that later, ....

Hiking with others

17 November 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Hiking-Mount Kawanori - Hiking with others

Today was a long day, a long day hiking near Tokyo on a Saturday, which meant there were other people. At times lots of other people, but at other....

The never ending hills of Nagasaki

14 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Hiking-View - The never ending hills of Nagasaki

Everyone who has read up to this point knew that today I would wander around the hills of Nagasaki, just as I promised. I keep my promises. My co....

Oops I did it again

11 November 2018

Japan-Kitakyushu-Sarakurasan-Hiking - Oops I did it again

Another day, another planned rest day, another day where I got 'lost' and somehow crossed over numerous mountains after finding a path that no one....

Pollution day in Karatsu

10 November 2018

Japan-Karatsu-Castle-Hiking - Pollution day in Karatsu

Well, today was supposed to be a rest day. Right now I have already done over 40k steps again. Nearly all on roads so for those of you playing alo....

Repeat mountain and beyond

9 November 2018

Japan-Fukuoka-Hiking-Dazaifu - Repeat mountain and beyond

There will be a lot of pictures today so get that scrolling finger ready. They wont all be of mountains so maybe its worth not scrolling directly ....

I found a mountain in Nago

5 November 2018

Japan-Okinawa-Nago-Hiking - I found a mountain in Nago

This morning I got up too early as always, went and waited for it to be late enough to buy a coffee, and made a last minute change of plans. I had....

Forced into danger on Mount Myogi

2 November 2018

Japan-Gunma-Hiking-Mount Myogi - Forced into danger on Mount Myogi

Today is the last day of validity for my 3 day train pass. Last day of getting up at 5:30am for an epic journey. Well I am sure there will be more....

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