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Fast lap

16 July 2019

England-London-Covent Garden - Fast lap

I was at work for 13 hours today so this will be the worst, shortest update yet with the worst photos. I have to be at work early again tomorrow t....

Palatial botany

7 July 2019

France-Versailles-Palace-Garden - Palatial botany

On previous trips I have been to the eyefull tower, I have been to the champs a lease a and I have been to the arch of trump. I had not been to th....

No train day

3 November 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Garden - No train day

Before we get started, I should mention I again got racially insulted today, thats twice in a week, Japan has changed. A store vendor decided to c....

Every single park and garden

9 May 2018

China-Shanghai-Park-Yuyuan Garden - Every single park and garden

Today I visited every single park, garden, temple, shrine, square, reserve and backyard in the greater Shanghai area, on foot. As you will see, Sh....

Botanists delight

8 May 2018

China-Shanghai-Botanic Garden-Flowers - Botanists delight

Today I went to the Shanghai Botanic Gardens. It seems every Chinese city has a huge botanical research facility, Shanghai is no exception. This c....

Castle in the fog

8 November 2017

Japan-Gifu-Rain-Fog-Castle-Garden - Castle in the fog

Weather update: Misty fog but still really warm. Health update: Mildly snotty but maybe already getting better? Today I got to use the plethora o....

Drowning in a sea of tissues

28 October 2017

Japan-Shizuoka-Kyoto-Shrine-Garden-Train - Drowning in a sea of tissues

Right now I am on the train to Kyoto, a roughly 2 hour trip from Shizuoka on the slow train, and I wished I was on the fast train or walking. You ....

Fortunate train cancellation

23 October 2017

Japan-Ome-Hiking-Garden - Fortunate train cancellation

Finally, some photos of something mildly interesting! I awoke to grey and rain, the typhoon raged on, despite this I slept solidly on a rock soli....

Next town over

23 March 2017

Taiwan-Chiayi-Sun Shooting Tower-Garden - Next town over

Today being my last full day in Tainan, I decided to leave it and take the train to Chiayi (Jiayi), the next town over. Jiayi is where you can tak....

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