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Deja Vu

16 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Tokyo-Airport - Deja Vu

I have returned back to Tokyo, land of things open at night, land of many trains that go to mountains, land of actual mountains rather than hills,....

Island hopper

8 November 2018

Japan-Okinawa-Fukuoka-Airport - Island hopper

After an uneventful flight I am in Fukuoka. The airport is about here is about 3 subway stops from the city centre, you could walk it. I would if ....

Japan Airlines domestic experience

4 November 2018

Japan-Airport-Okinawa - Japan Airlines domestic experience

Getting to Okinawa was surprisingly challenging. Before I set off, I did a long lap of the deserted areas of Akihabara and Ueno and took photos o....

Narita airport DNA test

28 October 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Narita-Airport - Narita airport DNA test

Greetings from Narita airport where I have been DNA tested, finger printed, iris scanned, bag searched, laptop contents checked and questioned ext....

Singapore airport has no butterflies

27 October 2018

Melbourne-Singapore-Airport - Singapore airport has no butterflies

Now I am in Singapore airport, famous for its butterflies and plastic plants. More impressive is its size but it does appear to be quite dated the....

Posting from the present from the airport

27 October 2018

Melbourne-Airport-TRS - Posting from the present from the airport

Now I am at Melbourne airport. Right now I am in the Singapore Kris Flyer lounge eating fruit salad and struggling with their stupidly slow intern....

The maglev update

10 May 2018

China-Shanghai-Maglev-Airport - The maglev update

I have ridden on the maglev again, so thats worth an update. I am also precariously close to posting 1000 photos on this trip, at which point the ....

26 hours door to door then more

21 October 2017

Melbourne-Airport-Singapore Airlines-Lounge - 26 hours door to door then more

3rd year in a row going to Japan at this time. Decaying leaf matter has proven far too exciting for me to resist so I must return and marvel at th....

Indeed more beef noodle

31 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Taoyuan-Airport-Lounge-Beef - Indeed more beef noodle

Now I am at Taipei Taoyuan international airport, waiting for my flight. As usual I am many hours early, not to worry, I am able to check in, and ....

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