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8 November 2016

Japan-Tokyo-Akihabara-Garden - Glay

Today the weather is very glay, you may think thats me being racist, however from the wikipedia article on the awesome Japanese band Glay - Offi....

Castles gardens and tourists

24 October 2016

Japan-Toyama-Kanazawa-Kenrokuen-Garden - Castles gardens and tourists

Kanazawa has the same population as Toyama, and yet it seems 10 times bigger. It is sometimes referred to as little Kyoto, as a result, there are ....

I hate buses

21 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Garden-Beef - I hate buses

The Taichung bus system turns any activity into an 8 hour journey. I went to a big park on top of a hill, you would think it would be a popular sp....

More mountains, Kobe

16 March 2014

Japan-Kobe-Hiking-Garden-Takaoyama - More mountains, Kobe

In a rather familiar order of events, this morning I took a train some place and climbed a mountain, because I am just so predictable. Today the d....

Mountain garden

29 March 2013

China-Chongqing-Botanic Garden - Mountain garden

The day looked fairly bright, so it was time to navigate to a nearby mountain. The one I selected had a world famous botanical garden, I know its ....

Humble administrator

10 September 2012

China-Suzhou-Garden-Architecture - Humble administrator

I have been to Suzhou before, last time it was a grey and polluted day and one of the first days I spent on the mainland. That day was long and ho....

Ginza and a garden

8 March 2012

Japan-Tokyo-Garden-Ginza-Ramen - Ginza and a garden

Its grey, cold and threatening to rain. This has a strange effect on the throngs of people. Rather than standing and waiting politely at pedestria....

National museum

15 November 2011

China-Beijing-Garden-Museum-Market - National museum

Chinas national museum borders Tiananmen square. It is actually free, however there seemed to be a huge line to get in with many tour groups, I sp....


7 November 2011

China-Shanghai-Yuyuan Garden - Zhongshan

I felt very lethargic this evening, and it looked like it might rain at any moment, despite not having rained all day. So I studied google maps fo....

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