Hong Kong - Japan - Taiwan - March 2014 - Page 6

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This rapper is being filmed and may even be live to air as theres a truck nearby with a satellite dish.
Now theres a few things to note, many wannabe rap stars exist in Asia, they all rap in English.
Chinese in particular, which only has 1 syllable words, is unsuitable for rap.
However I wonder if this guy really understands what hes rapping about, because its the most obscene lyrics I ever heard.
He is going into very specific detail about a very specific act he intends to perform on all the hoez and bitchez.
I will give you a hint, all the former prime ministers of Malaysia are in Jail for it.

Camera Details: SONY, DSC-RX100
Settings: 1/20 at f/4, ISO 800, 27 mm
Date: 22 March 2014 Time: 20:14:44