Melbourne Handheld Night - 22 July 2017 - Page 1

22 July 2017

Melbourne Handheld Night

No, not holding hands, but holding my camera in my hands, on a freezing night.
I wanted to try taking 1/20 and even 1/15 second shots using my steady hands and a 2 second shutter release delay. Sounds nerdy, it is, but it seems to have worked ok.

Swanston street, I walk around here thousands of times, its damn cold tonight though.

Chinatown is always good for night photos. My technique is the 2 second shutter release delay, steady hands, and take a couple of shots and pixel peep.

Here is a busker. I gave him no money. This photo is cropped a bit, which further adds to the challenge of getting a crisp frame.

Facing oncoming traffic. Pretty sharp.

Colourful. 1/20 here, sharp apart from anyone moving of course. The advantage of this is its only iso400 so very low noise, more room to make radical edits to ruin my photos.

I have taken a photo of this place before, cause it always has a line. Still getting 1/20 iso400. Maybe I can go down to 1/10!

I like the puddle. I do not like the halo on the light. I will probably mess with this further and stick on instagram. This one is iso2000, but that seems acceptable, iso6400 is not.

The bright light can probably be fixed with some kind of spot filter, I am not skilled enough to pull that off yet.

Final photo for the evening is not really a low light hand held challenging situation, its 1/60, but I like it anyway so its here.