Ballarat - 19 August 2017 - Page 1

19 August 2017


It was cold, rain and even snow was forecast, but there was mostly sunny skies. Nearby drunken football supporters were attending the first ever AFL game in Ballarat, thats why I was here, to provide security to and from the train station which is how I got here from Melbourne.
However during the game, I could walk around Wendouree lake, and look at ducks and swans, because thats more interesting than football.

Before the game, I had to find coffee and lunch, the main mall of Ballarat has seen better days, but they have made an effort to add some color in the form of colored umbrellas. So color.

The local branch of the Beechworth bakery had cheap sandwiches, and this creepy animitronic grandma named Pedro rolling out dough. Its true horror is not captured in a still image.

Here is the main street of Ballarat, not a great photo, but there is a flag that says Ballarat on it, so it makes the cut.

Now we are at Wendouree lake. I stumbled upon it after locating a Chai latte to kill time. Note the bird.

A bit more lake, note the lake houses behind the tree, I tried to hide them so it would look more rural than it is.

A person snuck into the shot. There were special boats havesting the weed in the lake and loading a rubbish truck. I went over to take a look.

A very 3D swan. Turn loose the swans!

A bit more lake from behind some trees, are you sick of lake yet?

Some grey looking trees. I got something on my lens and didnt notice for a while, this shot suffers as a result. I cleaned my lens / lense by licking it and rubbing with my t-shirt, so risky!

Grey fluffy swans in the twilight! I like the colors.